The Durango Drifters


 Amy graduated from Sacred Heart University last may where she played field hockey and studied Sport Management and Finance. Since then, she has interned at her church where she works with the college-aged ministry and Urban Impact. Her faith drives her to live a simple and meaningful life, but she is far from the stereotypical 'stuffy' Christian. She believes that Jesus is a humorous guy who would be laughing and dancing right beside her. His grace has allowed her to live with a freedom that fuels her positivity and energy that so many know her for. she is very intentional about her relationships & does everything to stay close to the people that matter to her. Amy's easy conversation & extrovert personality will undoubtedly make new friends along our journey!


Billy is currently attending his final semester at Sussex County Community College before transferring to Penn State next fall! After a successful high school athletic career as a standout quarterback and shortstop, Billy decided to continue with baseball at SCCC. He intends to further fuel his passion for sports through intramurals when he heads to state college. In an attempt to rough up Poppa Poore, Billy took up golfing a few years back and has since shown no mercy. He hits the green every day in the summer months and takes it VERY seriously...Trust me. Billy is also a huge weather fanatic. He has some kind of weather device on top of the house and he can often be found following weather patterns on his computer. Billy is also VERY HIMSELF. He often leaves himself healed over in laughter, so we are looking forward to 38 days of his sarcastic humor :)  He is a go-getter who has been planning since last May...constantly researching and finding new adventures. His organization and ability to read a map will ensure a successful trip!


Tricia is following in her sister's footsteps as she pursues the 6-year teaching degree (haha)...She is a junior year at Molloy College, and can't wait to graduate in may 2011 when she & amy plan to migrate to Colorado for a year. After years of playing basketball, softball & soccer, Tricia has recognized the benefits of team sport & intends to coach one day in order to pass that on. She is adventurous and lives for spontaneity. It was her who said "Let's go" when Amy jokingly alluded to an 18-hour round trip to Pittsburgh in a mere 30-hour time span. Tricia is an addict. She finds her way to the coffee machine before her eyes even open, and will undoubtedly have to endure some withdrawals when we're camping in national parks or simply driving through areas where Starbucks just doesn't exist :( She has recently traded her mozzarella sticks for bagged salads and her stilettos for sneakers. She's on a health kick because American magazines have convinced her that Size 0 just isn't skinny enough...No, haha, she just wants to be as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! (and so she can keep up with Amy obviiii). Tricia's spontaneous personality and desire to 'live a little' will surely spark a few unexpected adventures along the way!


Kristina will graduate (...finally!) from Mansfield University in May with a degree in Earth Space Science. She played catcher for their softball team, and hopes to use that experience to coach when she begins teaching. We agreed to allow Kristina to join us assuming that she would be able to get us corporate discounts since she is a proud employee of Dunkin Donuts, but since Tric and Amy have recently caved to the Starbucks empire, her services are useless. We've decided that we actually DO kind of like her, so we're letting her stay! Kris smiles a lot and mocks tric as she throws up out of the front seat of the car. Her ability to persuade us with false knowledge will probably lead us making some wrong turns!


Kyle (who occasionally refers to himself as Cobra) is currently dabbling with his education career.  He attended Alvernia University in 2008-09, and then returned home to Sussex County Community College where he is studying Criminal Justice in hopes of becoming a State Trooper one day. His hobbies include: basketball, hunting & fishing.  He every so often picks up the acoustic and tackles the guitar.  Kyle is, for lack of a better term a jokester- he lives for adventures and spontaneous occasions.  His indecisive persona mixed with Billy’s dry humor will certainly ignite a few harmless pranks a long our journey. 


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