The Durango Drifters




May 24th, 2010 marks the trip of a lifetime when four of us pack into our parents' Durango and embark on a coast to coast road trip through 24 states chalk full of adventures! We have all resolved that life is a blessing, and we intend to live it with fervent passion. Something in our souls scream, "Get up! Get out! LIVE OUT LOUD." So this is our first attempt to do just that...

Not one of us has walked this earth more than a quarter century. Heck - we’re hardly legal, but we all have a sense of life that is typically only granted in one’s final years. That epiphany that every grandparent so desperately wants to impart on the generations following them...that epiphany that – once finally recognized – is often crippled on account of age, diminishing energy and growing dependency...that epiphany that - recognized earlier - would’ve avoided phrases like “I wish I would’ve...” and “If I could do it all again I’d...” It is a privilege to have this comprehension for life 50+ years premature, and we have every intention to live in accordance to that predisposed wisdom.

I think back to my summer breaks from high school and college…Rolling out of bed around noon to fulfill four very crucial tasks for the day – eating, watching TV, hanging out with the people I cared about, and getting my summer workout in for field hockey. PATHETIC. Was I hurting anyone? No. Was I helping anyone? Absolutely not. We were created to live our lives together; helping one another; developing one another; serving one another…not out of obligation but rather out of authentic joy and passion for this life that we’ve been given.

Sure, we could spend 38 days eating, watching TV, hanging out, and working out. There’s no crime in that. But my soul won’t settle for that anymore. So when Tric asked me to join the Durango Drifters over a year ago, I accepted with excited anticipation…not only for a 38-day journey across the country and back, but in anticipation for a lifetime of excitement because I had finally found people who were “one of my kind”…people who refused to live vicariously through the characters they see from the comfort of their couches…people who dream up an idea and chase after it.

When all is said and done, what do we want to accomplish from this trip? Memories, yes. New friends, sure. But mostly, just changed perspectives…That someone might be saved from the idea that life must be “endured.” Instead we hope that people will begin to realize that it is meant to be lived…and lived PASSIONATELY. That won’t mean the same for everyone…Not everyone is meant to drive across the country; not everyone is meant to win an Olympic gold medal; not everyone is meant to go to college; but everyone is meant to live with passion!

So what have you been meaning to do? Have you been meaning to show your family that you care? Have you been meaning to learn to play the guitar? Have you been meaning to stop overeating?...spend less on yourself? a marathon?...start going to church?...get out of an abusive relationship?...drink less?...serve at the soup kitchen?...go back to school? Have you been meaning to have a better attitude towards life and the people in it? Then start working towards it. Stop MEANING TO DO IT, and DO IT.

When Tric asked me about a road trip that was over a year away, I half doubted that it would be done…simply because I had never planned for something so far off and it seemed nothing but a dream at the time. But intentional effort combined with a passion to live out loud has allowed us to make due on that dream, and we are just a couple months away from making it happen! Follow us as we share our experiences and thoughts:!


With love,

The Durango Drifters

Tricia, Billy, Kristina, & Amy

Written by Amy


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